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Termite Program

Our Tampa Termite Inspections and Extermination Program

It’s hard to believe that something as seemingly innocuous as a termite could be so detrimental to one’s home, but don’t be deceived. Termites are responsible for collectively causing billions of dollars of structural damage every year.

Even more sobering? Property owners spend billions of dollars a year trying to fix the issue. While there are some signs to help you identify if you have termites on your property, when dealing with something so persistent yet small, it’s always the wiser choice to enlist a professional.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to identify the presence of termites unless you’ve actually come across them in real-time or the damage they’ve caused at the structural level. Furthermore, there are also different types of termites, and they typically require a unique treatment. Our crew at Global Pest Control has the experience needed to diagnose these issues, getting you out of the problem and quickly and accurately into the solution.


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    Our Protection Program and Termite Control Tampa and Beyond

    With our customized termite prevention program, our clients receive a 5-year warranty that guarantees freedom from these unwanted pests. How does it work? After twenty-plus years of treating termites, we’ve determined that a bait station barrier treatment is one of the most effective ways of expelling and preventing the return of termites. Trelona bait stations are the tools we use to get rid of termites. They lure the termites to eat something that will slowly kill them and their whole colony. Our warranty keeps you protected and insulated from these issues, and is a great financial investment, particularly if the property has had previous struggles with termites.

    Moreover, if you’re planning on selling your home or property in the future, we can provide certified termite clearance letters. This certification helps authenticate the eradication of termites, and more importantly, it helps open doors that would otherwise be closed to you as a candidate who doesn’t have this clearance. Needless to say, we offer the most thorough and complete termite inspection and termite control Tampa residents and business owners have steadily relied on for years.

    Our Process

    When you’ve been in the business as long as we have at Global Pest Control, you learn to identify types of persistent pests without fail. However, we still want to ensure that your property receives the right treatment and care. Therefore, our process starts by conducting a complete and total inspection. During this process, we can check for any abnormalities including any other potential red flags.                                                                 

    Subsequently, we prepare to attack the issue systematically using the insecticide Termidor as our means of extermination. For years, we’ve implemented this product with exceptional results as it caters to the health of people, pets, the environment, and more, while still aggressively breaking down termites and sending them off. From there, we can assist you with identifying any areas that require restorations. In the event it’s out of our scope, we’re more than happy to get you in touch with the right people. It’s all a part of being the best pest control Tampa has available.


    Our Residential and Commercial Services Include


    • A 5-Year Warranty
    • Conventional Liquid
    • Bait Stations
    • Termidor Barrier Treatment
    • Real estate termite inspection letters.



    How It Works

    Our team consists of seasoned professionals who approach each job with the competence and confidence necessary to render exceptional results. We are a business run by Floridians for Floridians, ergo, we understand the role that our specific environment and climate play regarding pests common to the area and specific conditions which help lawns thrive. With our unbeatable industry acumen and customer-first approach, you will not find another team as dedicated to quality as ours.

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