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Rodent Control Service

Tampa Rodent Control and Extraction

Rats and mice are usually quite docile when it comes to human interaction. More often than not they’re timid and avoidant. However, it’s still best to always keep your distance from non-domestic rats and mice because they are known worldwide for carrying diseases.

Furthermore, a lot of people don’t initially notice rodents because they tend to enter through small access points in the home.

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Unfortunately, it’s not just diseases that people need to be wary of. When rats take over a home or property, they can wreak serious havoc on structural components. Rats are especially drawn to wooden structures and can over time cause very expensive damage leaving you financially and structurally vulnerable. Beyond disease, rats bring with them a host of other potential physical issues such as pungent odors, a result of shedding skin. Finally, rats often migrate into places where there is food is available, making your kitchen vulnerable. As we all know, disease and food don’t exactly mix.


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    Any one of these potential issues is enough to warrant our Tampa rodent removal services. With years of experience on our side, we’ve perfected the ability to remove rodents in a way that prioritizes the safety of all involved. After all, when dealing with such matters it’s imperative to make sure the job is carried out with safety at the forefront.


    Why Choose Global Pest Control for Your Rodent Removal Tampa

    Once you discover these unwanted houseguests, your next move should be to find a reputable crew to take care of the issue. When it comes to rodents, it’s best not to cut any corners as their persistent presence will only exacerbate your financial resources in addition to the health of your property. Here are a few of the main reasons why Global Pest Control is the right choice for your rodent extraction.


    Commercial/Residential Services: Having rodents in your home is one thing, but having rodents in your place of business? Catastrophic. Not only do you face all the same problems as a residential client, but you also face potential legal repercussions. Especially if your place of business serves food. Moreover, we understand the urgency of having such a problem dealt with expeditiously. We’ll assist you by completing the entire process swiftly and effectively.


    Quick Turnarounds: When it comes to speedy rodent removal Tampa property owners can rely on us. We understand the urgency of extracting rodents given the potential negative financial, structural, and health effects. To ensure you get the help you need when you need it, we vow to return your call within the 24 hours it was received. (Although, we are often available to take your calls immediately, depending on our current schedule.


    Flexible Scheduling: We are sensitive to everyone’s scheduling needs, especially those who are running a business independently. We’ll work with you to find an ideal time to come and perform our extraction. As a bonus to you? First-time customers get a $25 service discount. Dealing with rodents is never easy. Allow us to shoulder the burden for you so that you can resume daily life without major setbacks.

    Rodent Removal

    Further Prevention Following Rodent Removal Tampa

    At Global Pest Control, we believe that knowledge should be shared with our clients so that they can learn how to prevent further infestations. Typically, there’s a central reason for a rodent infestation, and a part of our removal and control service includes pinpointing that focal issue. We’ll help you identify potential warning signs, and let you know how you can best prevent further infestations in the future. Nevertheless, we’re always standing by to help you deal with pesky rodents no matter what the circumstances or how extreme the infestation.


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    Our team consists of seasoned professionals who approach each job with the competence and confidence necessary to render exceptional results. We are a business run by Floridians for Floridians, ergo, we understand the role that our specific environment and climate play regarding pests common to the area and specific conditions which help lawns thrive. With our unbeatable industry acumen and customer-first approach, you will not find another team as dedicated to quality as ours.

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