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Controlling Weed Species

Providing Comprehensive Lawn Service Tampa and Beyond

At Global Pest Control we offer comprehensive lawn services designed to rejuvenate and restore lawns in all states and conditions.

Our lawn services also focus on endurance and longevity, ensuring your investment in our services is one you can rely on for extended care. We begin by assessing your lawn, providing general care where applicable, and identifying problem areas where we implement a targeted intervention.

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Our lawn services are personalized to accommodate your specific needs and preferences. Moreover, we offer service routinely or on an as-needed basis, giving you the freedom to create a schedule that accommodates your daily operations and the needs of your lawn. Our services are also available for both residential and commercial clients, offering flexible timing for those who need it. Our service is quick yet thorough, ensuring minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.


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    The Benefits of Consistent Lawn Care Tampa Florida


    If you think about it, your backyard and front yard are in many ways their own mini-ecosystems. Therefore, by taking care of your lawn and the surrounding foliage, you’re helping to promote growth and overall welfare. Lawn care also has visual benefits, such as upping curb appeal, which in turn, makes your property more desirable and thus more valuable. Here in Florida, our natural flora and fauna are unique and versatile, allowing property owners to create some truly extraordinary displays with foliage. Our knowledgeable crew has worked with all types of setups, providing care that renders lush results time and time again.


    Personalized Care that Puts you in Control

    At Global Pest Control, we recognize that no two clients are exactly the same and that each property has its own set of needs that dictates how often and how invasive lawn care needs to be. We can help craft a customized schedule that is set up routinely or on an as-needed basis, providing care that suits your budget and schedule. Our team works with you and for you to determine the best course of action for your specific setup.


    Global Pest Control also offers lawn services Tampa commercial clients can utilize for their properties. In any business, first impressions are often critical to customer satisfaction and can have a large impact on how a client views overall competence. With our impeccable lawn services, you’ll be able to impress those who matter the most. Our services are available for routine care, and as-needed appointments, giving you the freedom to enlist care as you see fit.

    Our At a Glance Lawn Services Tampa and Beyond

    Weed, Insect, and Grub Control: Any one of these persistent pests can cause major harm to your lawn. Luckily, we’re able to gently yet effectively eradicate them, giving your lawn the space, it needs to prosper and thrive.

    Aerate: Aeration is a process that helps stimulate a lawn’s growth by puncturing its soil, allowing for key elements like water and air to gain easier access to grassroots. The results? A fuller, healthier, and livelier lawn.

    And Much More: We offer unbeatable lawn service Tampa residents can enlist for a myriad of procedures including:

    • Fertilization
    • Weed Control
    • Fire Ant Control
    • Grub Control
    • Ground Moles

    Our Tree and Shrub Services at a Glance

    • Spray Applications
    • Dry Applications
    • Disease, Fungicide, and Mosquito Control
    • Insect Control
    • Deep Root Fertilization
    • Tree Injections
    • 4-, 6-, and 8- Step Programs
    • Welfare Checks and General Upkeep
    • And Ongoing Maintenance

    Our tree services promote health, and growth, and keep your trees free from the invasive pests that can wreak havoc. Your trees are an investment worth protecting, and our crew has the ability to help them flourish now and well into the future.       


    How It Works

    Our team consists of seasoned professionals who approach each job with the competence and confidence necessary to render exceptional results. We are a business run by Floridians for Floridians, ergo, we understand the role that our specific environment and climate play regarding pests common to the area and specific conditions which help lawns thrive. With our unbeatable industry acumen and customer-first approach, you will not find another team as dedicated to quality as ours.

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